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Community Access to Compassionate Care

We foster a culture of individualized care and achieve a position of leadership in rural healthcare services through judicious use of available resources and collaboration with local and regional healthcare providers to meet changing healthcare needs.

Community Access to Compassionate Care

We foster a culture of individualized care and achieve a position of leadership in rural healthcare services through judicious use of available resources and collaboration with local and regional healthcare providers to meet changing healthcare needs.

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Monday September 21, 2020 - North Shore Health provides emergency care 24/7

North Shore Health provides emergency care 24/7 with access to CT scans, lab services, x-rays, EKG and heart monitoring capabilities.  Please call 218-387-3040 for more information.

Monday September 14, 2020 - Dr. Rust-St. Luke's Orthopedics and Sports Medicine- Sept 21

Dr. David A Rust, MD from St. Luke's Orthopedics and Sports Medicine will be in Grand Marais on Monday September 21.

Dr. David A Rust, MD is now seeing patients once a month (September 21st) in the Outpatient Services area at North Shore Health in Grand

Marais. Dr. Rust is a physician at St. Luke’s Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Duluth, MN. He is a fellowship trained sub-specialist in knee and shoulder surgery, and has expertise in arthroscopic (minimally invasive) surgery, joint replacement surgery and fracture surgery. Talk to your primary care provider about a referral or make an appointment by calling St. Luke’s Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at (218) 249-6360.

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Monday September 14, 2020 - Out Patient Physical Therapy

North Shore Health is proud to offer a full service Out Patient Physical Therapy Department with special interests in postural therapy, sports injury prevention and treatment, balance disorders, incontinence and manual therapy with exercise for the spine and extremities.  We are open M-F

and can be reached at 218-387-3284. Our In Patient Physical Therapy services include treatment for hospital patients, swing bed patients and care center residents.

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Thursday September 10, 2020 - Hospital In-Patient Visits

North Shore Health Hospital Visitation

Hospital visitation requests will be made on the day before the requested visit is to occur. Perspective visitors should call 218-387-3040 between the hours of 9am - 6pm to schedule a visitation appointment. Visiting hours will be in 2 hour

increments from 10am to 6pm daily. No outside food or drinks may be brought in, however food gifts for the patient are allowed, and are to be consumed by the patient only (must be compatible with current MD ordered diet)..

Protocol for inpatient visitation is as follows:

  1. Visitors to North Shore Health must enter through the 5th Street main hospital entrance.
  2. Visitors must pass the screening process in order to gain entrance into North Shore Health.
  3. One individual will be identified as the visitor for the duration of the time frame. Visitation appointments are for once daily and for two hours total. There will be only 2 visitation appointments per patient per day.
  4. Visitors may not make multiple appointments in the same day.
  5. Visitors will be required to don cloth face coverings. They must be worn at all times while in the building. If visitors do not have a cloth face covering one will be provided by NSH.
  6. Visitors will be expected to perform adequate hand hygiene before and after visitation. Visitors must limit any unnecessary surface touching.
  7. Visitors will refrain from physical contact of any kind with patients at all times, no exceptions, and must maintain social distances of 6 feet or more.
  8. Visitation will be limited to the patient’s room. Visitors will not go to other locations within the facility. Once visitors leave the patient room (other than going to the restroom), they cannot return to the patient room that day.
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Tuesday September 8, 2020 - North Shore Health Ambulance Service

North Shore Health has ambulance services available 24/7.  Providing pre-hospital medical services with both basic and advanced life support services.  Please call 218-387-3040 for more information.

Monday August 31, 2020 - Cardiac Rehab at North Shore Health

Referrals are accepted for cardiac rehab at North Shore Health.  Cardiac rehab is staffed by a registered nurse.  Hours are Mon, Wed, Thu 8-noon or by appointment.  Call 387-3040


North Shore Health and Serenity Garden Friends are in the process of creating Serenity Garden, a peaceful space in nature for reflection and healing, to benefit hospital patients, Care Center residents, families and friends of both patients and residents, employees, and all community


You can help us "Pave the Way" for the future of Serenity Garden with a tax deductible donation by purchasing a paver etched with a meaningful inscription, a dedication in memory of a loved one or a tribute in honor of a special person. 
To order your lasting legacy CLICK HERE


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Friday August 28, 2020 - September Happenings at North Shore Living

Let’s Not Go Overboard

Yes, we still wonder when we can gather for group activities. Yes, Essential Caregivers have been greatly appreciated. Yes, we are still angling through our day. Yes, we still wish the world would go back to normal and we could do something wild and crazy
like go out for a car ride. Well, let’s not go overboard!

Starting with August we are featuring resident of the month. Our August spot light is on one of our married couples Ray and Eleanor Sjoberg. It was so sweet gathering information as they sat side by side interjecting into each other’s memories. Ray was born in Duluth, MN on March 23, 1929. Ray’s mom was a fifth grade teacher and his dad was the Registrar of Deeds at the courthouse. Eleanor was born in Duluth, MN on June 1, 1928. Eleanor’s mother was a housewife and her father was a commercial herring fisherman and a carpenter. Ray met Eleanor while sitting next to each other during their Christmas program. Ray was in first grade and Eleanor was in second. They didn’t see each other again until Ray was twelve as Eleanor lived in Lutsen and Ray lived in Grand Marais. One day Eleanor’s father Mogens Jentoft told Eleanor she could stir the boat to town. Along came Ray (a little whipper snapper according to Eleanor) with his father to catch a ride. Mogens, liking boys better, told Ray he could stir the boat instead. Eleanor said she was so mad she could have tossed Ray overboard. Ray said with a laugh, “she wasn’t very happy with me.” It really added fuel to the fire with Ray not coming from a fishing background. I asked them what were fun memories of their childhoods and they both said everything was good. Eleanor talked about Christmas and not getting much, but the food sure was good. Ray reminisced about sledding down hills in Grand Marais after roads were closed off by the Court House. Ray was trying to remember what type of sled he had and Eleanor chimed in and said he was just a regular guy with a regular sled. They were married in 1950 in Grand Marais where they made their home with their two children Steven and Kristi. They ran ElRay Café for 20 plus years. Somewhere in there they found time to attend Young Old Timers dances. They both were trying to think of the name of a band that used to come up to play. I said the only one I knew about was the Chmielewski’s. That’s it they both said simultaneously. Eleanor said Ray never really learned to dance. He just wiggled his hips and they both laughed. They have been married 70 years and they still love spending time with each other. They meet up most days to play cards while eating Cheetos or peanuts and drinking Root Beer. They have 4 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. Ray said one of his fondest memories was spending 14 years in Apache Junction playing golf every day. One of Eleanor’s favorite memories is going to Norway a couple of times and meeting family over there. At age 91 Ray’s daily pleasure is sleeping. He is an avid computer and FaceTime Portal user. His passion in life is his family. When asked what is something you have always wanted to do Ray said with a smile “My bucket list is full”. Eleanor’s daily pleasure is spending time with Ray, eating Cheetos and drinking Root Beer.

According to “The Perk” on August 15th which was National Relaxation Day we learned chewing gum has been proven to lower cortisol and improve mood. Listening to classical music lowers our blood pressure, having a plant increases oxygen and clears out toxins, eating bananas helps to keep our blood pressure under control, munching on dark chocolate helps us destress and laughing is good for releasing endorphins.

National Tell a Joke Day was Sunday, August 16th. While passing out the Daily Perk I asked residents if they could tell me a joke. Delores told me a joke about a lady who was getting a recipe from her friend Ethel. The lady was repeatedly told to double everything, double everything. When it came time to put the cake in the oven and the lady realized she couldn’t possibly make the cake because her oven didn’t go up to 700 degrees.

Speaking of baking, we are still looking for family favorite recipes. Do any of you have a recipe you would like to share with us? We would like to try some of those true tested recipes.

We have been busy playing Hall Way Bingo twice a week, soaking up sun on the patio, enjoying our Happy Hour snacks, learning Perk facts, enjoying Perk related snacks such as Lemon Bars, Creamsicle Floats, S’mores bars, Banana Bread and Fajita’s for supper. Thank you so much to the kitchen staff with helping us out on these new escapades. We appreciate you. We have also been enjoying patio visits with our friends and family, Essential Caregiver visits, FaceTime and Skyping.

Diane Bennett, Bill Butz, Donna Anderson and Robert Haring were birthday celebrants this month. We all enjoyed Root Beer Floats for the big event. We sure miss getting together for parties with Doug Sanders at the piano and lots of volunteers joining in on the comradery.

Residents who participate in the Perk Puzzle drawings have chances to win fabulous prizes. Fern Lovaas drew the names of this month’s winners. Mary Liebsch won a bag of Dove chocolates and Iris Shepard won a Word Search book.

Mary Meyers, a sweet friend, passed away this month. She was well loved and well known for her love of music. The faster the beat the better as far as she was concerned.

At this time, we continue to limit visitors inside our doors to all but essential healthcare personnel, and designated essential caregivers. This policy is based on the current guidance from the CDC, CMS and MDH. We will refine and update our policy as more information becomes available and as guidelines change. If you have questions regarding our visitation policy, please contact Amy James at 218-387-3282; Robert McGregor at 218-387-3799 or Kimber Wraalstad at 218-387-3260, or you may call the Ombudsman for Long-Term Care at 651-431-2555 or 1-800-657-3591.

We still offer patio visits by calling 218-387-3040 ex. 0. Visits start at 10 am and go through 6 pm with no visits over meal times. Up to 3 people can visit at a time. Stay tuned for indoor visiting information as we are working on how to best fill this need and yet keep everyone safe which doesn’t rely on the weather to make these visits happen.

You can also visit a resident by Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. Contact the Activity Department to set up a time to visit face to face with your loved one. 218-387-3518.

Thank you to all the health care personnel at North Shore Health for keeping us safe. Thank to those who have donated candy for bingo and flowers to brighten our world. A really big thank you to the kids and staff at the YMCA Kids Camp for thinking of us and coming over with fun signs to encourage us and for the great songs. It was really fun having you here.

This month’s funny: I was chatting with a resident and she told me, “Get out of here!” I asked her where I should go and she said, “Anywhere but here!” Gotta love them and we do.

Ray and Eleanor Sjoberg-featured residents of the month
Hank and his grandma Nadine Able-puppies are essential
Caregivers are essential. Anna Speck with granddaughter Jennifer

YMCA Kids Camp-come over to support us with posters, songs and love. Children are essential
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Thursday August 27, 2020 - An updated video series on SARS-CoV-2 from Sawtooth Mountain Clinic

 Video #1 is about:

- The history of SARS-CoV-2

- What we've learned so far

- Why is this a big deal, if most people do fine?

- What the numbers could mean for Cook County.

Watch Video #1


Video #2 covers:

    - Symptoms - Common and otherwise

    - How COVID spreads

    - Is it airborne?

    - The bottom line on spreading

    - Different ages, different effects

Watch Video #2 Here

Video #3 discusses:

    - Misinformation and being skeptical

    - Treatment and the importance of timing

    - Herd immunity - not a strategy, but a goal

    - Face coverings

    - Unsubstantiated claims

    - References and fact-checking

Watch Video #3 Here




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Monday August 24, 2020 - Long Term and Rehabilitative Care at North Shore Health

Recuperating from a hospital stay due to illness?  Need restorative treatments following a surgery?  Allow North Shore Health to assist you in meeting your goal, a safe return home through a short-term rehab stay right here in your own community.  Physical and occupational therapy

is offered in a skilled nursing setting to meet your needs as you recover.  Social Services are also available to assist with planning for your discharge and coordination of community resources.  For more information contact Hilja at 387-3261.

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