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Care Center

Welcome to the North Shore Health - Care Center.  We are a 37 bed skilled nursing facility located along Lake Superior's North Shore in Grand Marais, Minnesota. The North Shore Health - Care Center is owned & operated by the Cook County Hospital District. It is Medicare/Medicaid certified, and licensed by the state of Minnesota . 

Our facility has a mixed population of frail elderly, cognitively impaired, and chronically ill residents and addresses a wide range of needs from skilled geriatric care to short term rehabilitation care. North Shore Health - Care Center is staffed by RN's, LPN's, and Nursing Assistants 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We provide physician directed nursing care, physical therapy, nursing rehabilitation, activities, and social services. Our residents receive compassionate and exceptional care from the many long term employees who work at our facility. To facilitate continuity of care, our full time nursing assistants are assigned to groups of residents on a permanent basis which helps to establish a caring and familiar relationship. The residents, along with family members, are encouraged to actively participate in their care.  

Our Care Center includes 11 single and 18 double spacious and comfortable rooms. Residents are encouraged to make their living space "home". The Care Center offers a variety of outdoor space as well as indoor visiting areas.   

We are part of a continuum of quality care for the aging within Cook County and welcome the community to the Care Center for social activities and interactions with residents.  Likewise, residents continue to be involved in the community through planned weekly outings.

We invite you for a tour and welcome all visitors. For admission information, please contact the Social Worker at 218-387-3261.

Activity Programs

The Activity Department offers a variety of leisure programs for the mind, body, and spirit.  Certified Activity staff assess individual interests and needs of Care Center residents and Hospital Swing Bed patients.   Care Center activities offered on a regular basis include:

  • Exercise, current events, reading & reminisce groups, games, church services, computer program, socials, live music, and dances.
  • Intergenerational activities and special events that involve school groups, local musicians, families, and community volunteers.
  • Outings to restaurants, churches, Senior Center , ACA Theatre, and community events.

Contact the Activity Department at 218-387-3518 for more information.



- New private rooms with private baths. The new setting will create the opportunity to enhance resident privacy and choice. Each resident will be able to decorate their rooms with their own individuality. Residents will have the ability to entertain friends and family in the privacy of their own room.

- The common shared spaces will have an intimate, more home like setting. It will be shared among a smaller overall group size of 17-20 instead of 37. The shared space will also enhance resident choice and autonomy by providing opportunity for engagement in a variety of normal, everyday household activities such as meal prep and purposeful activities.

- Consistent care givers is not a new idea at the Care Center and we will continue with this model which allows for more personalized resident care.

- Current research has shown that, rather than separating residents with dementia into a memory care unit, integrating residents with dementia into a household with others allows residents with dementia to engage socially in the normal life happening around them. Our model will include integration of residents with dementia and will allow all residents to stay in their home regardless of diagnosis or prognosis.

- The new setting and a change in our culture (who we are with each other) will provide greater opportunity for residents to participate in a life that allows for growth, meaning, connectedness, joy, security, autonomy, and identity. (The 7 Domains of Well-Being)

North Shore Health
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All Visitors for the Hospital patients
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must call 218-387-3040
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