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Community Access to Compassionate Care

We foster a culture of individualized care and achieve a position of leadership in rural healthcare services through judicious use of available resources and collaboration with local and regional healthcare providers to meet changing healthcare needs.

Community Access to Compassionate Care

We foster a culture of individualized care and achieve a position of leadership in rural healthcare services through judicious use of available resources and collaboration with local and regional healthcare providers to meet changing healthcare needs.

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Thursday July 29, 2021 - North Shore Health to Offer COVID-19 Testing for Travel Purposes

(GRAND MARAIS, MN – July 29, 2021) – North Shore Health (NSH) announced that beginning July 29, 2021 they will begin to offering molecular COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic people who are traveling to Canada and other Countries who require testing prior to entry.

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Wednesday July 28, 2021 - FAQ for Travel Testing




Will my test meet the requirements for travel? North Shore Health is not able to provide advice on prescreening test requirements and does not provide any guarantee that this test will meet necessary requirements.

The COVID-19 lab test performed for travel testing is collected with an NP swab and the test method is: SARS-CoV-2 RNA, iNAAT (isothermal nucleic acid amplification test) with an RdRp gene target. It is your responsibility to check on the testing requirements for your destination.


What if I am symptomatic: This testing is done for travel purposes only. If you are having any symptoms of COVID please contact the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic for outpatient testing or present to North Shore Health to be seen in the Emergency Room.


Will my insurance cover testing? For US Citizens North Shore Health is able to bill your health insurance for the test. If you do not have health insurance speak with a Patient Account Representative for your options. Non-US Citizens will be required to prepay before testing. A receipt will be given and you may work with your travel policy or health insurance for reimbursement. North Shore Health will not bill out of Country plans.


What does the test cost? The cost of the test is $250.


Why do I have to pay when I can get it free elsewhere? This is the only testing option that North Shore Health has available to them at this time.


How do I get my results? North Shore Health will not contact you with your results. You may pick up your results typically within 3 to 4 hours after testing. Results will be at the North Shore Health Registration Desk and a picture ID will be required at pick up to protect your privacy. You may also register for our patient portal. See If you need to have someone else pick up your results let us know at the time of registration. Please do not contact the lab or nursing staff for status of result completion or test results. Our Health Information Department may be contacted at 218-387-3505 if you have any questions.


What if my test is positive? All positive tests are required to be reported to the Minnesota Department of Health so you may be contacted by them. North Shore Health will NOT contact you, nor will your physician be contacted. It is your responsibility to arrange follow up with a provider if your test comes back positive.


Effective 7/29/2021

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Wednesday July 28, 2021 - 2021 Olympics hits North Shore Living


We started North Shore Living Olympics on Tuesday, July 20th with Arm Chair Travel to Tokyo and enjoyed a snack of Japanese treats provided by Barb Heideman and Duane Hasegawa.

Friday, July 23rd, we held a homemade hobby horse race and it was Barb Heideman

riding Ms. Nelly for the win on this smoke-filled sweltering day. Residents rolled a giant dice and the horses had to move backwards or forwards with a gallop, hop, trot, canter, etc. depending on the number rolled. Residents placed their bets and if their horse won, they received 25 points. Rose Hasegawa and Bill Butz both picked the winner. We had a great time and many laughs playing this game.

We shot Nerf guns at targets on Saturday, July 24th for our version of Skeet shooting. Sunday we kicked back with root beer floats. Monday, July 26th we began our Olympic High Stakes Bingo tournament. Each participant receives 5 points for playing; 10 points for each Bingo win and 25 points for cover all. We play Bingo on Monday’s and Thursday’s so there are a lot of chances to rack up the points.

Other Olympic-themed events we have planned are bean bag basketball, balloon volleyball and our version of shot put which will be water balloon toss. Points are tallied throughout our North Shore Living Olympics and medals will be awarded on August 3rd.

It is Better to Give than Receive

According to The Daily Perk Newsletter, July 21st was National Give Something Away Day. This day was created to give people the opportunity to share their plentiful bounties with others without expectations. It is a day to remember the adage…”it is better to give than to receive.” Blessings of zucchinis and yellow squash abounded on this very day and we plan to bake zucchini bars in August.

At North Shore Living, we have been busy giving our time away. We started a community service project called “Baby Blessings”. We are making polar fleece blankets and will be giving them to Star of the North maternity home in Duluth. Star of the North is a place where ladies and their babies can stay up to one year. It is a great ministry. We have enjoyed getting together tying blankets and gabbing just like in the old days when the ladies held their quilting bees.

Resident Spotlight of the Month is our dear friend Trudy Boyd.

Some people come into your life and they go deep into your heart and will remain there forever. Trudy Boyd was one of the forever in your heart type of ladies. Trudy passed away on Sunday, July 11th and left a huge hole in a lot of our hearts here at the Care Center. I was listening to Vince Gill’s Go Rest High On That Mountain and crying while I was trying to get work done. It is very hard on us when we lose a family member yet we have to carry on.

Trudy has been a resident at the care center since 2013. She had a smile that lit up a room. She was a talented artist, loved gardening, animals, babies and music. You could always see her tapping her toes or dancing with her walker if she heard the slightest of music. She also loved Coke, strawberry ice cream, chocolate and any dessert you put in front of her. She had what seemed to be endless energy, could do the “two wheeled walker two step” better than Ginger Rogers, and put more miles on then an Olympic marathon runner. She was one of the kindest souls most people would ever meet. She had the best smile and gave the best hugs. Please keep her family and the care center staff in your thoughts and prayers. She will be missed.

Thank you’s and Humor

Delores Saethre, Eleanor Sjoberg, Iris Shepard and Harold Husby celebrated their birthday’s this month. Thank you to Sharon Bloomquist, who made yet another delicious cake we gobbled up along with ice cream. We played a fun game of hangman. Our hangman theme was Party Themes. One of the answers was skinny-dipping to which one of the residents said with a big chuckle “I don’t look good with clothes on” to which everyone laughed.

Great News

IF you have been fully vaccinated and are interested in volunteering at North Shore Living we would absolutely love to have you join us. Please call the Activity Department at 387-3518 or email me at
Houston We have Volunteers
Fantastic volunteers have started coming back into North Shore Living and we couldn’t be more excited to see at least part of their sun shiny faces. Chester Lindskog is back to calling Bingo, Penny Ortman reading once a month and Doug Sanders playing key board for our monthly birthday parties. Linda Harsdorf, Kay Rosenthal, Lorri Peterson, Barb Heideman, Duane Hasegawa and Diane Nowers are assisting as needed.

Thank you for all you do. We hope all of you are having a great summer.
Lisa and Activity staff

Trudy Boyd

Good Old Fashioned Quilting Bee

Winners Circle with Barb Heideman and Rose Hasegawa with the winning horse.


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Wednesday June 30, 2021 - July Newsletter from North Shore Living

Life Just Keeps Getting Better

A few weeks ago, both of our households “Woods and Waves” were able to converge to do activities together. Residents were super excited to be able to see and maybe for the first time meet their comrades. Joyce, one of our

faithful resident chore assistants, has been busy cutting resident names off our Perk crossword puzzles for the past year or more. Joyce made a comment that she keeps seeing Lucy’s name and wonders whom she is. Well Joyce got to meet Lucy this past month and thought that Lucy was really nice. I told Joyce they would definitely enjoy each other.

Everyone on Deck

We had our first everyone on deck Bingo game on June 10th. It was so good to see all interested parties of Woods and Waves interacting with each other just like the old days. We almost ran out of Bingo chips, as the stakes have gotten higher. Residents are now playing with two Bingo cards. We have also been busy playing Hangman, Dominoes, Hi/Low, UNO and Lucky 7 to name a few. Did you know that Lucky 7 could be more entertaining when you might end up choosing a ridiculous prize? We draw a prize before we play the game and whoever wins that round gets it. One time Nona drew swimming with sharks. Well Linda won the round so she got the prize. As Nona hands it over she says with a huge smile on her face, “Well good, now I don’t spend time with you anymore” and they all laughed.

 We have been spending a lot of time out on the patio, enjoying armchair travel, having communion with Pastor Mark and other pastoral visits, having root beer floats on Father’s Day, painting silhouettes, exercising and blowing bubbles on the patio just because we can.

Birthday celebrants this month were Char Anderson, Bobbie Bockovich and Donna Willett. Char shared delicious cupcakes from Crosby Bakery on her day. We served ice cream and scrumptious homemade pineapple upside down cake provided by Sharon Bloomquist out on the patio for our monthly birthday party and since we are on the subject….

According to Perk, we learned it takes three years for a pineapple to reach maturation and one plant can only produce one pineapple at a time. Pineapples are the only edible bromelain and pineapple is great for tenderizing meat as it breaks down protein and they make a great jack-o-lantern. Have you ever tried using pineapple juice in place of water when you are making a cake? It is delicious.


Roberta (Bobbie) Bockovich is in the spotlight this month

Bobbie was born on June 29, 1936 in Two Harbors, MN.  She grew up in Grand Portage by Hollow Rock.  She has five siblings from a first marriage and two younger siblings from a second marriage. Bobbie said something fun she did as a child was to row a boat through Hollow Rock.  She also went to Isle Royale with her father many times and played games with her brothers and sisters. She attended school in the Grand Portage log school and in the old school in Grand Marais where Harbor View apartments now stands until the current school was built. Bobbie said with a laugh that she had to help carry books from the old library up hill to the new one. Bobbie didn’t attend college nor be in the military. She chose the wonderful life of a wife and mother instead. 

Bobbie met her future husband Richard (Dick) while visiting at her girlfriend Joan’s farm. He just happened to be her girlfriend’s brother and he was really cute. They got married in 1955 at the Baptist church, which is now Higher Ed. They had a double wedding with her sister Pat and her husband John Bangsund. They had matching dresses and matching cakes. Bobbie and Dick traveled to Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and other places on their honeymoon. They were gone about a month. They just celebrated their 66th anniversary on June 11th, 2021.

Bobbie and Dick have 4 children-Rhonda and Randy live in Grand Marais, Ryan lives in Duluth and Rhodelle lives in Missouri. They have seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Bobbie and Dick enjoyed traveling to places such as seeing a lot of the USA, Canada and Germany. They also enjoyed ATVing, visiting relatives and playing cards with their sister-in-laws (Nona for one).

Bobbie was the First Congregational church secretary, worked as the DNR secretary, at El Ray Café and drove the AEOA bus. Bobbie’s words of advice for young people are “Be Careful”   and “Travel while you can.” Still on her bucket list is to go to Hawaii.  For now, she would like to get to Gideon’s new place up on Greenwood. Which she did.

Ways to Connect

You can be in contact with residents by possibly becoming an Essential Caregiver. You can also visit thru FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, family room window visits and by indoor visits. Residents may be taken out of the building and go for a drive or out to eat provided they can do it safely.

Please call the Activity department to arrange a Skype, FaceTime, or family room window visit at 218-387-3518.  Please call 387-3040 ex 0 to make arrangements to visit indoors. Please call 387-3264 at least two hours prior to take your loved ones out of the building.

A few laughs and thank you’s

While playing a game Nadine says, “I make a motion to adjourn this game so I can go take a nap.” When asked what was the oddest pet they ever had in their house Mary chimes in, “my husband.”

A huge thank you to CCHS middle school choir for your wonderful performance, to Barb Wright for continuing to bake us delicious snacks, to Tonya and Kaleb Klegstad for making us the silhouette transfers and Diane Nowers for all the beautiful fresh cut flowers. Thank you to Ennenga’s Floral for providing us with beautiful flowers for our patio, Hilja for the vegetable plants, and to Anne Brataas and Barb Heideman for keeping us busy with our read to me program. Thank you to the rest of you for all that you do for and with us. We appreciate you. May you empty what is full, fill what is empty and always have a sun shiny day!

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Monday June 14, 2021 - Pfizer Vaccine Event on June 17

We're hosting a vaccination event at North Shore Health on June 17 from 9 a.m.-noon for ages 12 and older.

The event wioll use the Pfizer vaccine (two-shot vaccine spaced 21 days apart) and is open to community members ages 12 and older. Please note that those ages 12-17 will need

a parent or guardian present at the point of vaccination.

For details and to register, go to

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Monday May 17, 2021 - North Shore Health, Grand Portage Health Service and Sawtooth Mountain Clinic Continue Safety Protocols per CDC Guidelines

North Shore Health, Sawtooth Mountain Clinic and Grand Portage Health Service  recently announced that their facilities will continue mask requirements and entrance point screening. Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised the interim public health

recommendations to state that fully vaccinated individuals can forego masks and social distancing in many settings. However, healthcare facilities are an exception.

“We understand that the CDC updated its guidance stating that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance in many settings and that Governor Walz followed suit with updates to the Minnesota mask mandate," said Kimber Wraalstad, CEO/Administrator of North Shore Health. "However, as a health care organization, and to meet our regulatory requirements, North Shore Health continues to require masks to be worn in our building.”

Community members should also expect to be screened for symptoms and exposure at facility entrances, regardless of vaccination status.

"Healthcare facilities serve the most vulnerable members of our communities, including those not eligible for vaccination," said Kate Surbaugh, Sawtooth Mountain Clinic CEO. “Continuing these required precautions protects us all. Anyone who doesn’t have a mask will be offered one at the door and our friendly staff make screening a breeze.”

Similar protocols remain in place in Grand Portage.

“Although masking is no longer required in the enterprise and program buildings the mandate will remain in place at the Grand Portage Health and Human Services facilities,” said Grand Portage Health Director Jennifer Sorenson.

Wraalstad added, “We all thank our community for their help in protecting our patients, residents, staff, and visitors and we appreciate their continued partnership and patience.”

Local healthcare facilities will continue to monitor CDC guidelines, local positivity rates, vaccination rates, state and federal guidelines in order to maintain safe facilities. The CDC update can be found at

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Monday May 17, 2021 - National Older Americans Month

Every May, the Administration for Community Living leads our nation’s observance of Older Americans Month. The theme for 2021 is "Communities of Strength." 

Older adults have built resilience and strength over their lives through successes, failures, joys and

difficulties. Their stories and contributions help to support and inspire others. This OAM, we will celebrate the strength of older adults, with special emphasis on the power of connection and engagement in building strong communities.

During May safely spend some time with the special elders in your lives.

Older Americans Month

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Monday May 10, 2021 - National Hospital Week and National Skilled Nursing Care Week

National Hospital Week and National Skilled Nursing Care Week, May 9-15. Join us for a week of sharing our appreciation and support for health care workers across the nation.

Monday May 3, 2021 - Happenings at North Shore Living

Don't be Fooled

On April fool’s day, we had us a bit of fun. All the residents were handed some brown E’s. They were asked if they would like a brown E thinking it was a brownie and then they were asked to hand them out to other people. We also played a round of Bingo

where they all had the same Bingo card. There were many laughs when everyone shouted out Bingo at the same time.

We decorated Easter eggs bright and colorful. It is so much fun to do things that bring back childhood memories. We sampled different flavors of pretzels and played pretzel hangman for our monthly birthday party. Trudy B, Shirley H, Nona S, and Ann W all celebrated their birthday. We also have our Red To Me program where volunteers video in and read to a resident.

In spite of not having volunteers or visitors running around, we have things going on to keep us busy. We can win Bingo bucks to spend at our General Store; we have dog visits by Maizy and Ginger, Arm Chair Travel, indoor visits from family and friends, exercises, games every Sunday, crafts, birds to watch, coffee and chit chat with fresh baked goods.


Antiques living and well just older

Cherish an Antique Day was April 9th.  According to the Perk, an item has to be over 100 years old to be considered an antique. As we were reminiscing over antiques staff brought from home or were loaned from Oddz n’ Endz we mentioned we just may have an antique living with us as Irene Peterson turned 100 this past January. We had a Prince Albert tobacco can who’s company was patented in 1907, we had a Victory glass clothes scrub board, a water pitcher, an old glass jar which we weren’t sure what it would have held. Some thought jelly or peanut butter. It looked a honey jar to me. In any case, this jar currently houses many marbles that Melissa inherited from her dad. She looked some of the marbles up and they potentially have value of $300.00 each. We also looked at a potato ricer and reminisced about making lefse, we looked at a rolling pin with memories of rolling out 100’s of pies in our lifetimes.


Lunch Lady Spotlight resident of the month

Joyce Hagen was born in Hovland, MN on November 24, 1926. She is the seventh of eight children. She said something fun she used to do as a child was to go to town for an ice cream cone. She saved money from babysitting and bought herself a pair of roller skates. She went rolling skating in the schoolyard. Joyce spent a lot of time helping her sister with all her babies. She graduated from CCHS along with about 20-30 others. She didn’t attend college, but went to work as a telephone operator in Duluth.

 One time while home Joyce and her brother-in-law Eddie Koski where in the Hovland General Store where they saw Ray Hagen. Ray had just gotten out of the service after serving 4 years in Japan. Eddie said to Ray, “This is Joyce and she isn’t married yet.” God I could have died Joyce exclaimed.” One day Joyce was surprised when Ray had a diamond ring. While Joyce’s wedding dress was being hemmed by her mother, Joyce remembers asking her who’s idea this was anyway? Her mother told her it was yours. They were married when Joyce was 21 in Hovland.  Joyce said she shook so badly she doesn’t even remember what was being said. Joyce and Ray were headed to Canada for their honeymoon, but someone had put gravel in their gas tank so Ray had to spend time taking care of that mess and didn’t go on their trip.

 Joyce and Ray have two children Beth and Warren.  Her husband Ray and one grandson passed away. Joyce has two grandchildren and a few great grandchildren. Joyce was a lunch lady for 30 years at CCHS. Joyce loved to bake rye bread and bars. She also loved to crochet, embroider and play cards. Joyce and Ray used to meet up with Lloyd and Rose Goble every Saturday to play cards. They all also took a trip around Lake Superior.  Every fall Joyce and Ray used to hike Oberg Mountain. They also had a garden, but Ray wouldn’t let Joyce tend it as she said she would end up pulling out the flowers instead of the weeds. Joyce said her and Ray tried not to argue and one thing she would like to say to young people is to get along with your spouse.


Things and stuff

Once again we would like to say thank you to all of our volunteers who send us goodies in the mail, make us homemade treats, send us cards, etc. You all are so wonderful and much appreciated.

There are many ways you can reach out and connect with your family and friends here at North Shore Living. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Monday May 3, 2021 - National Nurses Week

North Shore Health would like to recognize National Nurses Week, May 6-12. North Shore Health provides nursing services at the hospital, care center and in the community.


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