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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) is available at North Shore Health. "OT is skilled in helping individuals learn or relearn the day to day activities they need to achieve maximum independence in the areas of self care, work and leisure." For more information call 218-387-3040.

Occupational therapy can be offered in a variety of settings:

Hospital Occupational Therapy
Providing skilled occupational therapy to rebuild independence with self-care, work or leisure skills after injury or disability with the intention to return home when possible.

Outpatient Adult Occupational Therapy
Assisting adults with Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia, chronic or degenerative diseases, physical disabilities, mental health/coping skills building, etc., to rebuild skills or adapt routines for purposeful and meaningful living. Home safety evaluations are available when appropriate. Specialized training: LSVT BIG for Parkinsons symptoms; Cognitive Performance Test (CPT)

Care Center Occupational Therapy
Collaborating with the health care team to promote creative interventions to improve quality of life and promote best ability to function during the aging process . Specialized training with Dementia Care specialist.

Outpatient Pediatric Occupational Therapy
For children, their work/occupation is play! Occupational therapy works with children and their family to promote participation in functional activities that are meaningful to them including self-care (bathing, dressing, feeding, organizational skills), motor skills (handwriting, playing ball, coordination, sensory processing) , and play skills (social skills, developmental play, problem solving, emotional regulation).

When to make a referral for a child:
*avoids certain activities (slides, swings), seeks constant movement
*difficulty with attention
*impulsive and or disruptive behavior.
*does not like to participate in messy activities (finger painting), seek/avoids being   touched by others, difficulty manipulating different textures.
*difficulty holding and using a pencil correctly, child has not yet determined handedness; illegible handwriting.
*for young children, unable to crawl; for older children, unable to skip, do jumping jacks and ride a bike.
*Self control and emotional regulation concerns
*Delayed gross and/or fine motor skills
*Delayed or limited repertoire of play skills
*Poor oral-motor control for feeding (sucking, chewing, swallowing)
*Delayed or limited self-care skills (i.e., managing clothing fastenings, self-feeding, preparing a simple snack, managing money)
*Limited social skills or behavioral-adaptive skills (i.e., coping skills, establishing friendships, cooperative play with peers)
*Processing of the sensory environment is interfering with their daily routines and engagement.


Due to covid-19, Telehealth services are also being offered to provide occupational therapy for both children and adults. Telehealth is using your phone, tablet, or computer to connect with your therapist with live interactive video..

Will insurance cover telehealth?
Due to Covid-19 insurance companies are offering coverage to reduce risk of exposure.
To set up an appointment for telehealth you will request a telehealth appointment over the phone with our front desk schedulers. The front desk will take your information required for the visit. I can walk you through setting up Zoom for the first time if needed. From there, appointments are set up via email. All appointments are HIPAA compliant as we ensure healthcare information security.

Please call the rehab department if you have further questions.

For more information about occupational therapy please contact

Anna Sorensen at 387-3040, ext 251

Anna Sorensen has been living in Cook County for about 17 years and has been practicing as an occupational therapist for 24 years. She works with all ages but has the most experience with pediatrics. She received her core education as an occupational therapist from St. Catherine University in St. Paul Minnesota.


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